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Creative Dock Ventures tackles real-world problems by building exceptional companies with its pragmatic approach.


We understand what the market wants and which idea is worth developing because we use
know-how, experience and innovation process of Creative Dock. By leveraging this approach we launch companies led by industry heavy-weights to create long-term value for the customers and for the shareholders.


There are investment opportunities for Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists


Kontakto is a machine learning software that centralizes all company contacts into a single shared database.


Kontakto helps your company build up on already existing business relationships and prevents your company from losing any contacts, hence any deals or partnerships.


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SingleCase is a cloud based online service which organizes lawyers’ cases and administration. The platform allows lawyers to upload and edit legal documents related to cases, time tracking, billing and reporting. SingleCase has 5% market share in the Czech Republic and is expanding internationally.


An online life insurance service that reduces insurance premium to clients with healthy lifestyle.Mutumutu disrupts the insurance business from the ground up and motivates people to live healthy.



An online accounting platform for SMEs. Ultimately the only touchpoint of n entrepreneur with his/her finance.


Redefines banking IT as you know it. With microservices approach we build a greenfield flexible platform, banking kit that is easily scalable and can be tailored precisely to client's needs.

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CRASH simplifies the process of insurance claim for small and medium car damages through automation and image recognition.


The time of braces is over! Thanks to 3D modeling and printing and thanks to new materials people can get their teeth straightened invisibly. It's our mission to bring this top of technology to people in Europe in the most convenient and affordable way and brighten up their smiles.

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