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"Published by Albatros Publishing House." Everyone who grew up in the Czech Republic surely remembers this sentence from books' last pages. Albatros is the oldest publishing house in the Czech Republic and in its last decades it has - just like we have - grown significantly, and took dozen of other publishers under its wings. And then it happened: Albatros called Lucie Tvarůžková, who was - until recently - the chief of Zonky. Saying that they liked how she was running the project, and asked if she can think of something she could do for them as well.

Lucie then teamed up with Brigitta Bělinová, who wrapped up her successful lawyer career and got to work. So far, the Albatros project doesn't have a name and it's still work in progress. But we already know one thing: It's going to be a publishing platform that will allow talented authors to publish books thanks to people's investments. There's a lot of excellent writers in the Czech Republic, who at the same time happen not to be skilled in self promotion. And there's a lot of people who like books as well. So the project will connect those two groups and, in addition to gaining a good feeling, the investors will earn money on the profit. What a great idea!

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