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Stories and storytelling are mainstays of human behaviour, and they’ve been here as long as we have. From spoken word and song, through the printing press all the way to modern film and digital media, the human thirst for narrative seems unquenchable. On April 24, we discussed the future of the book industry at Creative Talks, having over a guest speaker Barbora Votavová from Albatros Media, and two innovators of our own, Pointa’s Veronika Mahdalová, and Book Token’s Matyáš Ostříž.

“Diversify your assets, diversify the risks” is a solid business mantra, one we hold close to our hearts. Creative Dock is not just about fintech, energy or smart insurance – we do our best to change customer experience for the better in every field of industry that yearns for change, no matter how traditional it may seem.

Veronika Mahdalová, CEO of Pointa

Pointa changes the experience completely

We launched Pointa to challenge the unsatisfactory status quo in the Czech book industry. Writers often find the barriers to publishing their works daunting, professional editors, graphics designers etc. have limited freedom in deciding what projects to work on, and readers almost can’t engage with the creative process: they are doomed to be just consumers of literature.

Pointa, which offers full engagement to writers, publishing professionals and readers aims directly at this problem. It combines crowdfunding and a job marketplace with a social network, raising over 1.2 CZK million for book projects so far.

“The greatest challenge we’re facing now is the established notion that a book is bought like a “perfect product”. We believe the creative process itself should be open, accessible to the author and reader alike,” says Veronika Mahdalová, Pointa’s CEO.

Creative Talks

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