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Jindřich Lenz is the co-founder of Mutumutu, a life insurance scheme that radically changes the industry in the Czech Republic. Jindřich is a full-blown insurance geek, and his every breathing moment is spent pondering the intricacies of insurtech. “The Insurance Times are all I ever read,” says the CEO, only partly in jest. But what are the main attributes of good insurance in his books?

The US-based Lemonade insurance is a holy grail of modern insurtech. It sparked Jindřich’s intense interest about two years ago, just after it had entered the market. “All insurance companies see Lemonade as a unicorn, either they admire it or they envy its success. Either way, Lemonade brings a revolution and nobody can deny that”, says Jindřich. ,,Lemonade was my inspiration too, when we first started thinking about Mutumutu as more than a concept. The simplicity! Simplicity of the process, of the website, we just loved how easy to use it all was.

Another point of contact between the two products is that both Mutumutu and Lemonade gives its clients their money back. Both companies value their client’s responsible attitudes. Well, then again, technically, it doesn’t really give money back. It’s legally impossible in the US, but Lemonade found a workaround. They let their clients donate the “leftover” money to a charity of their choice. This is a method we want to include in the Mutumutu experience as well,” he clarifies.

Jindřich Lenz

Insured in 3 seconds

“Lemonade not only manages to insure people in just a few clicks, it also eases the following process and explains that the clients really don’t need a consultant or “explainer” to guide them. They are also by far the fastest company when it comes to paying reimbursements.” This quick mechanism is perhaps the most important criterion to choose an insurance scheme for yourself, says Jindřich. And Lemonade rightfully boasts that their process doesn’t take weeks, days, not even hours. They can manage it in a couple of seconds.

“The client basically just uploads the necessary documents, clicks a button and the money is being transferred to his or her account. A dream come true,” describes Jindřich, almost salivating. The company’s favourite soundbite is the story of a man whose coat was stolen in a pub. He got his money in 3 seconds.

Perhaps the most interesting piece of info is hidden in a Lemonade Tweet from November:

“Thrilled to announce we’re coming to #EUROPE! ⚡️ Because great #digital brands transcend borders.” We have no more detailed info, but we do know that they aquired investments from AXA and Allianz, European insurance companies. This leads me to belive that Lemonade will really branch out.” Jindřich says he can’t wait for that to happen. Competition improves all the competing services, after all. “And we’ll be motivated to make Mutumutu event better.”

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