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Right in the heart of Munich’s trending university district, home of the city’s best lunch places, cafes, and the infamous Pinakotheken, Creative Dock Germany set up office. Snuggled in between the Siegestor and the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, the location couldn't be any more prime to tackle our economy’s biggest challenges.

One year ago, the German Company Builder started out at the Impact Hub Munich with less than a handful of people. Now, the stillyoung business inhabitants 2 floors and consists of roughly twenty futureminded individuals, plus the office dog, Tessa.

Time to take a closer look at the present, future and the best office coffee machine in the world.


What exactly are you guys doing here?” I asked the growing Innovation Team. “Internet 4.0”, “Blockchain”, “Green Energy”, “CryptoCurrencies”, “SmartHome” and “Child Transport” were the answer echoing from all corners of the room.

Ehhh… What?

At the moment, the differences between the individual projects could barely be any bigger. However, they are united by a strong desire to connect people, use green and sustainable energies, and provide real value.

Tessa, the office dog... always on guard!

Basically, the team is separated into two frontiers: the Innovation Team, responsible for creating adhoc solutions to pressing challenges (more about that later) and the CareDriverteam, operating the bespoken family transportation and chaperone service. On top, there are Ralph Strachwitz and Katka Milkulkova, spearheading HR and Business Development. Julian Lipinski, a member of the Gas Union supervisory board and former Managing Director at Uniper, reigns as COO of Creative Dock Germany.

But why don’t we dive a bit deeper into the current projects?


Led by Philippe Dahmen, former CEO of a renown cosmetics brand, Creative Dock Germany recently kickedoff a project aiming to (finally) make the green energy transition happen. During his numerous business trips to China, Philippe witnessed the detrimental effect of shortterm thinking in the field of energy. He now advocates a radical shift in the way energy is produced, consumed, and… stored!

His project, backed by a major German player in the electricity market, will likely use the blockchain technology to make p2p energy transfers happen and incentive “green” energy producers. His team is even researching a potential cryptotoken to combine everything in this green ecosystem. What sounds complicated, can be boiled down to this: Philippe and his team are working on putting energy back into the hands of the people and allow for transactions to happen between individuals.

Do you want to support Philippe in making the green energy transition happen?

Check out the current open positions at Creative Dock Germany here.


Karin Klaus, Innovation Lead at Creative Dock Germany and lecturer at Campus M21 in Munich, drives another visionary project. Karin and her team are working on turning homes into smart environment, enriching the inhabitants lives with comfort and convenience.

With the team out for lunch, all the spaces were empty.

Based on the Internet of Things (IoT), they are developing tailored solutions to connect smart devices at home and create an ecosystem of service for the users. Imagine your favourite coffee being prepared when your alarm goes off. Picture your door system automatically recognising the cleaning lady. Think about your fridge creating automated shopping lists, based on your diet and health preferences.

The project just entered testing phase. Karin and her team are looking for working students to support the team, handson. Are you interested in supporting her? Let the team know.


At Creative Dock Germany, one thing is for sure: things will never get boring. On my first day researching this article, the team suddenly dimmed the lights, turned on a blinking bulb and kickstarted an impromptu electronic music party (much to dislike of Julian).

The best office coffee ever?

The overall feeling is one of acceptance, innovation, and competence.

Despite all the fun (there is a chess game on cardboardboxes) and the weirdness (there is moss growing and a Mallorcastyle partypineapple on the wall) the people get serious about business when they have to; no work is left undone. Everybody possesses a unique skill.

Fresh fruits arrive twice per week. A wide selection of teas that would please even the most British moms are on the house. And, maybe the most important news out of this entire article, the office has the best office coffee machine, hands down. A Ducale with two espresso slots ensures proper caffeination of those who indulge in the habit.


You can find all the open positions here. Right now, if you got experience in the field of green energy, send your application to Creative Dock. You can create a career for yourself in a fun, engaging, and challenging environment.

Keep an eye open for more innovations to come from the fourth floor at Amalienstrasse 62. Make sure to check out CareDriver, the Creative Dock startup that just celebrated its first birthday. Especially if you are busy at work and need proper caretaking and transport for your children or seniors, CareDriver should be high up on your list.

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