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“When was the last time you woke up with a strong urge to sign an insurance contract?” asked Max Vrána right away. The obvious answer would be “never”, he claimed. Creative Dock CEO then explained how to mix business with customer bliss at SmithNovak’s “Transformace 2019” conference.

Max Vrána, Creative Dock CEO

Positive emotions in insurance – until recently a sci-fi scenario, but with the right amount of insurtech knowledge and understanding customer needs, this unusual combo can be achieved in his opinion. How?

Make insurance sexy again

To be honest: most potential clients see the traditional insurance companies as rather unsexy. Their processes often seem complicated, their documentation far too long, and the “Terms and Conditions” are simply overwhelming, argued Max. And it is just insurtech which can make the difference. Actually, it has been changing the conservative insurance business already.

Going back to the roots

Insurtech surely is a global change-maker but it is not just the question of technologies it brings. Insurance, Vrána explained, was born in the form of mutual contracts among communities. These days, it tends to go back to its roots, creating communities of people with similar backgrounds, jobs, lifestyles, even needs that are quite niche. This has very much been made possible by insurtech innovations in the last few years. After all, as Max put it, “insurtech is all about speed and smoothness”.

If you don’t want to be left standing by

Insurtech as well as fintech are the fields Creative Dock currently focuses on the most. That’s because we realize these markets are the ones going through the most dramatic changes, as the transformation to digital age has just begun. In the last couple of months, we have launched two different customer-friendly insurtech products: Mutumutu, the simple online life insurance that rewards you for your healthy lifestyle, and CUBIQ, the flexible insurance of personal items you value. We see the future, and we certainly do not want to miss out on it.

The first-ever edition of this conference took place on March 1 and welcomed some 30 speakers from the banking and insurance sectors, including MONETA Money Bank’s head of digital Dalibor Šajar, Twisto CEO Michal Šmída, or Czech National Bank’s payment and innovation specialist Michal Vodrážka.

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