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Creative Dock goes to Mars!

Well, almost...

It’s not Creative Dock that undertook the long and strenuous journey to the red planet but Creative Dogs (like the four‑legged pet project some of us have). Our creative agency, run by Benjamin Tucek and Zdenek Janacek, creates most of our visual output, including videos for Zonky and branding propositions for most on‑going projects. We’ve kept a close working relationship with them for over 3 years and highly endorse their work.

Benjamin and Zdenek had just showcased their movie Trash on Mars – a comedy about space travel, life on Mars, and androids – during the 2018 Karlovy Vary Film Festival. What’s even better, their movie screened inside the main auditorium.

This is an honor only a few producers are bestowed with.

If you haven’t been there, here’s the official trailer:

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